Yahara Bay Distillery

Top-shelf spirits distilled with local fruits for an authentic Wisconsin taste

Founded in Madison in 2007, Yahara Bay Distillery was only the second distillery in the entire state at that time. From their humble beginning producing a mere three spirits, to the present day where they are now distilling a staggering more than 40 spirits – all still right here in Madison.

Yahara Bay Distillery’s unique array of finely crafted spirits can be found in many local liquor stores and groceries, and as far away as high-end casinos and hotels in Las Vegas!

Committed to sourcing only the best Wisconsin ingredients for their spirits, Yahara Bay Distillery has partnerships with a diverse variety of local growers and producers, including Honeycrisp apples from Kickapoo Orchard in Gays Mills, WI, Montmorency tart cherries from Door County for their cherry brandy, and coffee used in their coffee liqueur is from Madison’s own True Coffee Roasters.

Small-batch spirits available from Yahara Bay Distillery include brandy, gin, vodka, rum, whiskey, bourbon, and liqueurs. Many of Yahara Bay Distillery’s products are distilled with premium flavors like cherry, lemon, apple, lavender, 100% Wisconsin cranberry, cocoa, and coffee to give them unique and a truly authentic Wisconsin taste.

Visit Yahara Bay Distillery’s tasting room to purchase, sample, and enjoy their full range of exciting spirits. The spacious, long bar gives tasters a view of the distilling stills and a great place to converse with friends.

Tours are available Tuesday through Saturday and are $8 per person. The one hour tour gives guests an inside look at the small-batch distillation process and the opportunity to sample more than 20 of Yahara Bay’s best spirits. Each tour also includes entrance to the on-site local art gallery.

Visit Yahara Bay Distillery on Thursday evenings for their regular Open House event, which includes free tours and tastings from 5pm until 8pm!

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6250 Nesbitt Rd
Madison WI 53719
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