The French House

Exclusive, immersive French language dining experience on the lake

The French House, or La Maison Française, is the UW-Madison’s dedicated space for its French speaking students and French-appreciating general public.

Dedicated to expanding the French language and French cultural exposure, The French House strives to provide educational and enriching experiences by only speaking French at their location.

The French House is open for lunch Monday through Friday for all UW-Madison students students with at least a conversational level of French. Lunch for students is just $5 Monday – Thursday and $7 on Friday for non-class members.

The French House is open to the public for Wednesday dinner (6pm) and Friday lunch (12:15pm) during the academic year. Reservations are recommended.

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633 N Frances St
Madison WI 53703
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Student Hours Mon - Fri: lunch General Public Hours Wed: 12:15pm lunch Fri: 6pm dinner