Salvatore’s Tomato Pies

Hand-crafted pizzas based on old country Italian recipes

Salvatore’s Tomato Pies is about family. The owner grew up in the shadow of Trenton, NJ, home to some of the best pizzas on the planet. Food has played a major role throughout his life, and has always been the centerpiece of every family gathering.

Tomato Pies is what they call pizza. Not mass produced, not cooked off in a conveyor belt oven after being made on an assembly line, but hand-crafted by your relatives and friends in small neighborhood storefronts. That’s what they do at Salvatore’s.

Salvatore’s is proud to partner with Madison area purveyors such as RE Golden Produce and Neesvig’s. It is incredibly important to them to support the local economy, and these two vendors provide them with uncompromising quality.

Their tomato products are simply the best you can get in the United States, with no added sugar and locally produced fresh herbs to craft their sauce. The crimini mushrooms are grown here in Wisconsin, as is the zucchini and other vegetables, along with Wisconsin-produced cheese. They ferment the dough in order for it to develop a natural sweetness instead of adding extra sugar. The sausage and pesto are made in-house. All these high-quality ingredients means that their food and labor costs are a bit more expensive, but you can’t beat the taste.

Since Salvatore’s utilizes as many local products as possible, their menu will change a bit with the seasons. They firmly believe in creating comfort food that you can feel comfortable feeding to your family.

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912 E Johnson St
Madison WI 53703
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