Pita Pit

Grilled pitas packed full with your choice of tender meats and veggies

Pita Pit makes healthy, flavorful pitas filled with your unique combination of juicy meats, lean vegetables, cheeses, and tasty spreads. Fresh, fast, good-for-you food is Pita Pit’s focus in everything they do.

Every Pita Pit meal starts off with their soft and rollable pita bread. Next, choose from one of their curated menu options like the Chicken Caesar, BLT, Philly Steak, Prime Rib, Falafel with chickpeas, Spicy Black Bean, and many others! Alternatively, customize your own with their large range of pita stuffings.

Stop in early for one of their hearty breakfast pitas like the Awakin’ with Bacon, Ham and Eggs, and Steak and Eggs.

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449 State St
Madison WI 53703
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Regular Hours Mon - Sun: 11am - 10pm