Parthenon Gyros

Homemade gyros and sauce with rooftop terrace dining

The Parthenon Gyros Restaurant first opened its doors in 1972 and maintains its tradition of offering homemade gyros and sauce.

The complicated gyro-making process begins by mixing a combination of quality lamb and premium beef together with a variety of secret spices and is eventually molded into the cone shape form that the customer sees rotating on the fire grill.

Parthenon Gyros’ signature tzatziki or gyro sauce is a yogurt-based cucumber sauce with a hint of garlic and lemon made from scratch from the finest and freshest ingredients. This sauce, along with juicy tomatoes and crisp onions on a warm, grilled pita bread are what make up an authentic and now famous Parthenon gyros sandwich!

Visit them any day of the week for quality Greek dining, and enjoy any of their menu options on their rooftop terrace overlooking scenic downtown Madison.

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316 State St
Madison WI 53703
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Regular Hours Roof garden is open from 11am - 11pm Mon - Sun: 11am - 3am