Old Sugar Factory Distillery

Distinctive craft distillery creating iconic liquors in a historic locale

Located within a historic section of downtown Madison, Old Sugar Factory Distillery named themselves in honor of Madison’s historic beet sugar production that was processed right in their building as well as the incorporation of sugar as a base in many of their own products.

Choosing a pot still as the holding vessel for their precious liquors, this particular type of still helps Old Sugar Factory give their spirits their distinctive flavor by retaining much of the character of the base ingredients.

Robust and richly flavored by the special distillation process, there’s no substitute for many of the unique liquors crafted by Old Sugar Factory. One of their most popular products is their Honey Liqueur, flavored with premium dark brown beet sugar grown right here in the Midwest and sweetened with pure Wisconsin honey for an unmistakably unique taste that goes down smooth.

Old Sugar Factory creates a range of spirits in-house that also includes their Queen Jennie whiskey, Cane & Abe rum, Americanaki ouzo, brandy station, and an impressive set of limited-edition collaboration whiskies.

Visit their tasting room to view their stills, enjoy their one-room tours, and sample their specialty cocktails expertly crafted with their choice spirits.

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931 E Main St
Madison WI 53703
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