J Henry & Sons Distillery

Hand-crafted, charred oak barrel-aged bourbon with distinctive flavor

A grain to glass bourbon whiskey distiller located on their own family farm in Dane, north of Madison, J Henry & Sons have been distilling and barrel-aging their own craft bourbon for decades.

The secret to their success and the incredible depth of flavor their whiskey exudes is their locally grown heritage red corn, rye, and wheat produced on their farm since 1946.

These top-notch grains enter the distilling process and the results are then barrel-aged in charred oak barrels for no less than five years in order to produce their namesake bourbon whiskey. Stored in the farm’s non-temperature-controlled barn, the exposure to Wisconsin’s seasons and temperature ranges during the aging process imbues a special flavor from the barrel to the liquor.

The result is a pure Wisconsin craft bourbon releasing aromas of sweet corn, caramel pudding, toffee, creamy vanilla, dark cocoa, cinnamon, coconut shavings, and Jamaican allspice, to be sipped and savored.

Schedule a private tasting or tour at J Henry & Sons Distillery to experience everything this special location has to offer whiskey lovers.

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7794 Patton Rd
Dane WI 53529
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Tasting & Tour Hours Schedule a tasting or tour Thurs - Sat: 4pm - 8pm Sun: 2pm - 5pm