Fresh Madison Market

Full-service market hyper-focused on the freshest produce and products

Fresh Madison Market is dedicated to helping their customers eat fresh and healthy. Their shelves are bursting with high quality, farm-fresh fruits, vegetables, and other products including sushi, deli, seafood, sandwiches, and more.

Fresh Madison Market makes it easy to eat healthy by providing a large selection of fresh, ready-made meals at their breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet.

Breakfast at Fresh Madison Market includes a variety of egg dishes, pastries, muffins, waffles, bacon, sausage and a variety of other menu items that change daily.

Lunch and dinner at Fresh Madison Market includes generous portion sizes of pork shoulder, meatball marinara, BBQ wings, sweet and sour chicken, pulled pork, and 60-second grilled paninis in a delicious array of flavors.

The juice bar serves fresh-squeezed juices in satisfying flavors like Kale Apple Lemon, Strawberry Orange, Sweet Beet, and more.

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703 University Ave
Madison WI 53715
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Main Menu:

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Regular Hours Mon - Sun: 7am - 12am