Crescendo Espresso Bar

Spirited espresso bar featuring a talented line-up of live musicians

Crescendo Espresso Bar is a lively cafe and coffee bar featuring a packed schedule of musical talents and entertainment.

Their drinks service includes coffee pour-over service, nitro cold press featuring cold-brewed coffee infused with nitrogen creating a stout-like head and mouthfeel, espresso, cappuccino, and latté. Cold beers are also available and rotate regularly – typical offerings include New Glarus, Lake Louie, and Central Waters brews.

Crescendo serves a modest menu of bakery scones, single-origin chocolate bars, several organic sandwiches, burritos, and toast made with wholesome, fresh ingredients.

The main attraction at Crescendo is the robust talent lineup and regular live shows providing the perfect backdrop to enjoy quality coffee and conversation with friends. View their event schedule to see who’ll be performing next!

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1859 Monroe St
Madison WI 53711
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Main Menu:

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Regular Hours Sun: 7am - 5pm Mon - Sat: 6:30am - 8pm