Burrito Drive

Imaginative burritos with combinations you won't find anywhere else

Burrito Drive offers a wide selection of Mexican foods, including their namesake burritos, enchiladas, tacos, chimichangas, and quesadillas.

Most well-known for their creatively-built burritos with inventive names like the Hungry-Hippie Burrito, High Roller Burrito, Chorizo Burrito, and the White Trash Burrito, Burrito Drive strives to serve a memorable, Mexican dining experience.

Uncommon burrito ingredients are the basis for some of their more unique combinations, such as spam, tater tots, Velveeta cheese, sweet potato, and hollandaise sauce, all of which can be found in their custom burritos.

Create your own burrito or taco by choosing a meat or veggie, tortilla type, rice, cheese, salsa, and more!

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310 S Brearly St
Madison WI 53703
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Regular Hours Mon - Sun: 11am - 3am