Bos Meadery

Rich and flavorful meads brewed with the finest local honeys

The Bos Meadery Tasting Room opened in 2015, bringing the diverse and unique flavors of mead to Madison.

They make a number of meads at Bos Meadery, many of which are available throughout the year. Bos Meadery prides themselves on using local and regionally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Their honey is never pasteurized, so it maintains its many health benefits throughout the fermentation process, and the finished meads are naturally gluten-free.

In its most basic form, Mead is simply fermented water and honey. The strength is similar to that of wine (11-14% ABV), and it is like drinking the aroma of honey. Great mead reflects the flavor of its landscape, and Bos Mead is no exception, bottling the essence of the flora of Wisconsin in drinkable form.

Like craft beer, there are endless variations of mead: mead with fruit; mead with herbs and spices (like black pepper or lavender); mead fermented with fruit juices and so on. Mead can be dry or sweet, sparkling or still (uncarbonated).

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849 E Washington Ave
Madison WI 53703
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