7 Spots to get Pie in Madison for Pi Day


Pi Day, celebrated on March 14 in honor of the mathematical number 3.14, is the perfect excuse to enjoy a slice of pie as big as Pi itself. When celebrating Pi Day, just any old slice of pie won’t do! Read on to discover the best places in Madison to get a Pi-riffic pie.

1 | Norske Nook


Since 1973, Norske Nook Bakery & Restaurant has served the perfect balance of Norwegian and American traditional foods, from breakfast to dinner and most especially dessert!

Their pie case is always filled with their award-winning pies, with homemade dough rolled out by hand and a mouthwatering range of flavors including blueberry, apple, cherry, lingonberry, peach, pecan, and specialty pie-of-the-month flavors.

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2 | Humble Sweet & Savory Pies

Madison – Near East

Artfully prepared and bursting with tender, sweet, and crunchy flavors, Humble Sweet & Savory Pies offers beautiful pies in many mouthwatering flavors.

Ask for their Pi Day specialty pie, a double-crusted fruit pie with the π symbol stamped right through the dough!

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3 | Hubbard Avenue Diner


Hubbard Avenue Diner is well-known for their pies, and for good reason! High-quality ingredients, seasonal specialty pies perfect for holidays, and a large selection of year-round favorites like apple, cherry, key lime, lemon meringue, peanut butter silk, and plenty of additional options are perfect for a quick slice or full pie to bring home.

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4 | Bloom Bake Shop


From the moment you step foot inside this sophisticated bakery, you’ll be enchanted by their craft breakfast, scrumptious pastries, indulgent cupcakes and sweets, and homemade meals.
Bloom serves hand pies available in indulgent flavors like apple caramel, honey lavender , Southern pecan, lemon meringue, classic buttermilk, and peanut butter with chocolate.

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5 | Daisy Cafe & Cupcakery

Madison – Near East

Daisy Cafe & Cupcakery is much-loved, local gathering place serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as coffee and a host of creatively decorated cupcakes.
While famous for their cupcakes, having sold more than several hundred thousand in more than 600 flavors, Daisy Cafe’s kitchen also whips up seasonal pie selections made from scratch daily.

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6 | Batch Bakehouse

Madison – Near East

Batch Bakehouse makes bread and pastry the old-fashioned way: before dawn, from scratch, and using only the finest ingredients — each piece carefully crafted by hand.
Batch’s pies are available in mini size for only a few dollars each, or go big with the full size pie to share with friends. Choose from popular flavors like a rich bourbon pecan, dark chocolate bourbon pecan, chocolate cream, or a Wisconsin treat like their Door County cherry lattice pie.

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7 | Travis Hasse Distilling


Maybe you’re not really a Pi Day traditionalist…how about locally distilled pie-flavored liqueurs from Travis Hasse Distilling instead?
Flavors include classics like apple pie and cow pie as well as chocolate and cherry liqueurs.

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